Here is the list of cards included in this lot:

2002-2003 Kobe Bryant Upper Deck MVP Air Apparent (bv8.00)

2003-2004 Tim duncan Fleer Tradition Milestones 7of10ms (bv8.00)

2003-2004 Karl Malone Fleer Tradition 1of10ms (bv6.00)

2003 TJ Ford Fleer Tradition Playground Rules 8of20pr (bv6.00)

2003 Chris Bosh Fleer Tradition Playground Rules 4of20pr (bv6.00)

2003 Stephon Marbury Upper Deck Glass Clear Winners (bv12.00)

2003 Elton Brand Upper Deck Glass Clear Winners (bv12.00)

The total Book value of this lot is $60.00, will sell for $15.00

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