What makes a good game?
I have been following the Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks series. Game two, well, started out pretty good, but it got a little boring.
It made me think about what really makes a good game. In my opinion, the best games are the ones where you lose all track of time. You are riveted to your seat because you might miss that one great save or pass.
Speed, agility, and the ability to outwit your opponent and not just outplay them, makes a high quality game. You want to see both teams fight for that goal, and not just depend on the goalie to win the game for you.
Speed is an incredible factor in hockey. I like a good, fast-paced hockey game. I love watching the puck travel from one end of the ice to the other. There are too many games played on one end of the ice. It’s great when you’re watching the Oldtimer’s Games, but not for a professional league.
Watching players handling the puck, manipulating it to where they want it to go: I have seen players just know where they have to be to score and set it up perfectly. Oh, to see those beautiful goals!
You can’t have one player play the game for you; it is a team sport, after all. With some of these teams, the whole team relies on one player. Vancouver players did that with Luongo; they just couldn’t seem to play without him. Life revolved around him until they finally figured out they were on a team, and couldn’t rely on one player. Now they are in the second round of the playoffs. This makes for some very bad, boring hockey games to watch.
Chicago had the speed and the agility: I was mesmerized by how Chicago played, outplaying Vancouver from the start. So, I guess you could say half of the game was good.
Time didn’t exactly fly by with me on that night.
Too many penalties are not what I would call a good game, either. It starts to get a little frustrating for a fan when you stop the game every minute for a penalty. I enjoy watching good hits and I don’t even mind the fighting, but come on, when you have four ten minute misconducts at the end of the game, you know it’s all because of temper tantrums. This is why I love the intensity of this game!

When I can watch a game and lose myself in the game, that’s a fantastic game. Time stops, and all of a sudden, the game is over. You play as a team and rely on the team, and not just a player, and you have a fan for life! That’s what makes a good game.