BY: Jim Kelley

I'll say this much for the NHL: when faced with a problem, it gets point man Bill Daly out in front on it faster than a speeding BlackBerry.

The deputy commissioner and, lately, the league's premier problem-fighter was texting at speeds the Lightning can't strike while declaring that allegations of steroid sales to members of the Washington Capitals by a man arrested in Florida for possession of performance-enhancers and other contraband were unsubstantiated. According to Daly, the players had been tested numerous times and were found clean with no indication of improper conduct or wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, Daly pretty much had to add that even though it sees no merit in the charges of accused steroid dealer Richard Thomas, the NHL "takes matters of this nature very seriously and will conduct a prompt investigation."

Pardon us for asking, but who is going to do the investigation? How thorough will it be? Most importantly, will it be believed?