You guys have probably seen this thread already but the money is finally here!!!

Hey guys! My dad recently loaned me $1000 to invest in basketball cards where in a few years, hopefully the prices will have gone up and I will pay him back the principal and split the profit with him 60/40!

I am only accepting ROOKIE autograph patches (PREFERRABLY HIGH END - exquisite, premier, black, chronology) of these players. I'm also going to wait until after 09 exquisite comes out to get some nice cards of this years players and maybe a month after it comes out for the price to go down (usually prices are higher than normal when brands first come out). Also, I'm probably going to wait until the 2009 nba draft so that this year's rookies are less wanted.

Need the following (only rookie year stuff and NEED GRADEABLE OR ALREADY GRADED CARDS):

Lebron James Auto ~ around $500
Kevin Durant Auto Patch ~ around $200
Derrick Rose Auto Patch ~ around $200
Russell Westbrook Auto Patch ~ around $50
Jeff Green Auto Patch ~ around $50
O.J. Mayo Auto Patch ~ around $100
Michael Beasley Patch ~ around $100
Eric Gordon Auto Patch ~ Around $70
Kevin Love Auto Patch ~ Around $40

If Possible (low end stuff - like Topps Chrome/Bowman):
Anthony Randolph Auto ~ Around $15
Courtney Lee Auto ~ Around $10
Brandon Rush Auto ~ Around $10
Brook Lopez Auto ~ Around $10
J.J. Hickson Auto ~ Around $8
D.J. White Auto ~ Around $5
Jason Thompson Auto ~ Around $10
(I think that all these players will be really good)

I need sick patches! But I'm also looking for under those prices listed (because those add up to more than $1000) and my dad suggested I invest in more than one player in case one fails. The sell back time is probably going to be in around 3 years.

Post offers, scans, and you can even cmb to see cards that can be substituted for money!

Last, GIVE ME YOUR OPINIONS ON IF THOSE ARE GOOD PLAYERS TO INVEST IN!!!! Keep in mind my budget of $1000 and that I probably won't have enough money to get a Chris Paul auto/patch or a Dwight Howard auto/patch.

Thanks! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! (and that I don't lose all of my dad's money lol)

Also, check my sig and bigcrumbs!! It's sick!!!