I have the following 03-04 UD ICE Plexi Glass Parallel Rookie Tier 2 for trade. I am only looking for Champs Fossil and Artifacts cards listed below. I am interested in redeemed cards you have in hand or unscratched redemptions (regular or mini size). I will not respond to what are you looking for as I have listed what I am looking for.

2008-09 Upper Deck Champ's Fossils and Artifacts (regular or mini size)
FA-AT Aterian Scraper
FA-AU Auroch Femur
FA-NE Neolithic Stone Tools
FA-NM Neanderthal Mousterian Flint Knife
FA-PT Pterosaur Tooth
FA-ST Spinosaurus Teeth
FA-TT Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth
FA-WM Woolly Mammoth Femur
FA-WR Woolly Rhino Humerus

03-04 UD ICE Plexi Glass Parallel Tier 2
Fredrik Sjostrom - Joni Pitkanen
Jordin Tootoo - Nathan Horton

Nikloai Zherdev - Tuomo Ruutu
Joffrey Lupul - Patrice Bergeron

Eric Staal

What I can not trade will be going into my ebay store.

PLMK if you have any of my wants.