Here's the deal I have tons of baseball cards. Thousands, boxes full of them and i would like to at least try to liquidate some of them. I'm trying to make this as cheap as possible. You pick a team and how many cards you want (quantity may be limited on a few teams but most teams could have a huge amount if wanted). Feel free to even request players and i will try to include some of them into a lot. Cards are from all brands, every good brand out there. Most of the cards are from 1990-2009 but if you only want cards from 2000-2009 I will most likely be able to accomodate you with just those years!! (Minus a few or so). With that said, here's the offer. Shipping is a $5.00 for 100-500 cards, $6.00 for 501-700 cards and anything more than 700 cards is $9.00. Basically the only charge of these lots are for shipping because i am selling the lots for so cheap!!

Every 100 cards equals the lowest cost possible of $3.00!! That's right, $3.00 per 100 cards. That's hope badly i would like to get rid of them. So LMK guys and thanks for your time!!

**Lots consist of base cards, inserts, and rookie cards only (No GU/Autos/#d/etc.)**