i have been out of collecting for a few years and i have no intention of starting up again, i have added my list of cards that i a selling, this does not include my magazines, (all beckett basketball 1-135, beckett tributes, yearbooks, etc)
please take the time to look at these
Basketball Cards
92/93 UD SP1- Bird, Magic, SP2 Jordan, SP3 Jordan, SP4 Bulls
93/94 topps stadium club first day issue #344 gheorge muresan
93/94 finest Jordan #331
92/93 UD hologram European sticker (mcdonalds logo)
91 UD baseball SP1 jordan
94/95 emotion grant hill skymotion
95/96 skybox hill and stackhouse meltdown exchange
91/92 skybox drexler usa nno
89 hoops robinson #138 rc
70/71 topps riley #13 rc sgc 86 nm+
71/72 topps tomjanovich #91 rc sgc 84 nm
97/98 ud diamond vision Jordan highlight reels
91/92 hoops head of the class- lj, mutombo
91/92 fleer wilkins, mutombo jeff massien promo
92/93 fleer lj, paul mullan promo
92/93 fleer, lj auto
90/91 hoops announcers marv albert
90/91 hoops all rookie team robinson
92/93 fleer all slam dunk team
92/93 ultra nba jam session 1 &2
95/96 all star jam session david robinson set 1-4
94/95 robinson/olajuwon dual autograph
92/93 hoops more magic moments set (contains 3 cards)
-note: I collected all the cards when Magic made his return to basketball, such as 95/96 finest refractor #252, topps gallery private issue, metal force insert, ex-l a cut above insert, 94/95 ud electric court gold insert, spx gold and a rare spx error card with no hologram
92/93 hoops john Stockton ultimate game su1
92/93 hoops ewing art card ac1
92/93 hoops Jordan/drexler finals tr1
97/97 ud diamond vision reel time insert rt1
magic Johnson oddball cards (please enquire)

94/95 fleer bruce bolden promo (from the se Melbourne magic!!!)
2001 exl hill
94/95 emotion hill
95/96 e-xl hill
95/96 e-xl stackhouse natural born thrillers
96/97 e-xl hill
97/98 e-x2001 walker
97/98 flair showcase van horn x 3
90/91 skybox prototypes malone, robinson, seikaly, rodman, Jordan, magic, kj, pooh
91/92 UD promos Jordan, robinson
91/92 skybox prototypes magic
94 skybox usa promo isiah Thomas
91/92 hoops prototype Jordan
94/95 sp promo Jordan
skybox z-force promo hill
93/94 hoops promo malone
93/94 skybox promo Jordan nno
97/98 topps promo set pip, baker, Iverson, Richmond, ellis, googs
97/98 tsc promo set miller, ewing, walker, rice, malone, Anderson, hardaway
97/98 hoops promo hill
97/98 ud promo Jordan
97/98 collectors choice promo Jordan
97/98 metal universe promo hill
97/98 skybox promo hill
98/99 ud promo Jordan
97/98 finest promo set webber, baker, Iverson, jones, smith, gp
97/98 metal universe championship promo hill
98/99 tsc promo set shareef, shaq, van horn, garnett, mcgrady
98/99 ud3 promo Jordan
98/99 ud black diamond promo Jordan
98/99 metal universe promo hill
98/99 ud sp authentic promo Jordan
98/99 ud mvp promo Jordan
91 skybox magic never ends video promo

Insert Sets
97/98 ex 2001 gravity denied set
96/97 ultra court masters set (acetate clear plastic set)
95/96 metal metal force set (acetate clear plastic set)
92/93 topps beam team set (shaq rookie yr)
92/93 tsc beam team set (shaq rookie yr)
93/94 tsc beam team set
94/95 tsc beam team set
95/96 tsc beam team
94/95 flair center spotlight set
94/95 flair rejectors set
95/96 flair center spotlight set
92/93 hoops magics all rookie team set
92/93 hoops supreme court set
91/92 hoops slam dunk champion set
91/92 hoops all star mvp set
92/93 fleer all stars set
93/94 fleer all stars set
92/93 fleer total d set
92/93 fleer team leaders set
94/95 ultra scoring kings set
92/93 ultra all nba tream set
93/94 ultra all defence set
93/94 ultra scoring kings set
94/95 ultra all rookie team set
92/93 ud 15000 point club set
93/94 ud sp die cut all stars east and west set
92/93 ud all nba team set
92/93 ud team mvp set
92/93 ud jerry west selects set
88/89 spurs diamond shamrock set (features robinson first card)
90/91 fleer rookie sensations set(robinson rookie yr)
90/91 fleer schoolyard stars set
91/92 fleer rookie sensations set(gp rookie yr)
91/92 fleer pro visions set
92/93 fleer larry Johnson roy set (includes the 3 mail in cards 15/15)
92/93 fleer rookie sensations set(lj, mutombo)
92/93 fleer sharpshooters set
93/94 fleer clyde drexler set (includes the 3 mail in cards)
93/94 fleer rookie sensations set(zo, shaq, spree)
93/94 fleer tower of power set(this set caused a stir for a while)
93/94 fleer living legends set
93/94 fleer nba internationals set
93/94 fleer sharpshooters set
94/95 fleer rookie sensations set (cweb, mash)
95/96 fleer rookie sensations set (hill, kidd)
96/97 fleer rookie sensations set (kobe, ai, ray allen. I didn’t even know I had this set?????)
95/96 flair hardwood leaders set
96/97 fleer game breakers set (mj/pip, shaq/penny)
96/97 fleer total o set(mj, shaq)
97/98 flair hardwood leaders set
97/98 fleer rookie sensations set
97/98 fleer decade of excellence set
97/98 fleer key ingredient set
92/93 ultra playmakers set
92/93 ultra all rookies set (shaq,)
92/93 ultra rejectors set
93/94 ultra power in the key set (mj, shaq)
93/94 ultra karl malone set
93/94 ultra all nba set
93/94 ultra inside/outside set
96/97 ultra starring role (plastic cards mj, kg, hill, shaq, robbo
97/98 ultra star power supreme (missing 14 pip, 15 stoudamire) this set was valued at $1300 in the bb price guide 7, no idea now)
94/95 topps franchise/futures set
95/96 topps spark plugs set
95/96 topps world class set
95/96 topps top flight set
95/96 topps mystery finest set (this was the black peel off set, I peeled them all off though)
95/96 topps mystery finest refractor set (mj, )
96/97 topps profiles set
96/97 topps mystery finest bordered/ borderless refractor (missing zo, shaq, drexler, ewing)
96/97 topps finest reprints set
93/94 tsc frequent flyer upgrade set ( this is the mail in finest version of the set)
93/94 tsc clear cut set
93/94 tsc super team winners sets Atlanta, new york, Houston, seattle
93/94 tsc rim rockers set
93/94 tsc super team master photos set
94/95 tsc super team division winner set Indiana
95/95 tsc spike says set
97/98 tsc hardwood hopefuls set
95/96 topps gallery players private issue set (missing 23 wright, 34 marshall, 58 murdock, 62 fat o, 75 davis, 80 oak, 81 willis, 83rider, 85 brown, 88 anthony, 93 hawkins, 94 jones, 112 laettner, 113 augmon, 123 tisdale, 133 benjamin
95/96 topps gallery the expressionists set
95/96 topps gallery photo gallery set
99/00 topps gallery photo gallery
96/97 bowmans best shots regular, refractor, atomic refractor sets
95/96 topps finest mystery set
95/96 topps finest hot stuff set
92/93 skybox thunder and lightning set
92/93 skybox draft picks set (shaq, zo, includes Jackson and Christie)
92/93 skybox school ties set
92/93 skybox Olympic team set
93/94 skybox showdown series set
93/94 skybox thunder and lightning set
93/94 skybox shaqtalk set
97/98 z force slam cam set
97/98 z force quick strike set
93/94 hoops face to face set
93/94 hoops magics all rookie set
93/94 hoops davids best set
93/94 hoops supreme court set
93/94 hoops admirals choice set
94/95 hoops magics all rookie set
96/97 hoops hot list set
96/97 hoops fly with set
97/98 hoops great shots set
92 upper deck European award winners holograms set(same as normal ones except the card backs are blank)
91/92 upper deck award winners hologram set
92/93 upper deck award winners hologram set
91/92 upper deck rookie standouts set
upper deck basketball heroes header cards- west, wilt, bird, future, Jordan
91/92 upper deck basketball heroes set jerry west
92/93 ud basketball heroes set wilt chamberlain
92/93 ud bball heroes set larry bird
93/94 ud future heroes set
93/94 ud bball heroes set mj
92/93 ud rookie standouts set
94 ud usa mj highlights set
93/94 ud mj flight team set
93/94 ud se behind the glass set (trade)
94/95 ud jordan he’s back reprints set
94/95 ud sp holoviews set
96/97 ud fast break connections set
96/97 ud predictor tv cel scoring set (redeemed cards. These are the plastic see through mail in cards. Missing from set 2- 5 barkley, 6 miller, 7 shaq, 8 zo)
96/97 sp game film set
96/97 ud3 #s 21-40 (I collected the plastic cards from the set)
97/98 ud3 #s 41-54
97/98 ud3 rookie portfolio set (Duncan, van horn, mcgrady)
95/96 collectors choice you crash the game scoring silver set
95/96 collectors choice you crash the game scoring gold set
95/96 collectors choice you crash the game assists silver set
95/96 cc debut trade set
95/96 fleer metal slick silver set
97/98 metal universe titanium set (missing 1jordan, 6camby, 11allen,
97/98 flair showcase wave of the future set
93/94 finest marathon men set missing (3anderson, 5hunter, 12 hunter, 14malone, 19brown)
93/94 finest iron men set (missing 5malone)
98/99 skybox ex century dunkn go nuts set (missing 1, 4duncan, 13)
98/99 skybox premium that’s jam set
97/98 ud diamond vision dunk vision set

97 kenner starting lineup backboard kings set- barkley, hill, malone, shaq, pip, stoudamire
97 kenner starting lineup 14” figures- kemp, rodman, barkley
98 kenner starting lineup 14” figures set- howard, Duncan, garnett, rice, Iverson
97 kenner slu classic doubles set (missing hakeem/Russell (contains dumars/hill, bird/mchale, Russell/wilt, ewing/reed, Stockton/malone.
95 kenner slu hornacek
88 kenner slu hornacek
90 kenner slu dumars
91 kenner slu dumars
92 kenner slu dumars

Regular sets
86/87 fleer set includes stickers, plus psa 8 drexler, psa 8 malone, psa 8 olajuwon, psa 8 jordan, sgc 88 dumars
87/88 fleer set plus stickers
88/89 set including stickers
90/91 panini sticker set and book
91/92 panini sticker set and book
92/93 panini sticker set
93/94 panini sticker set and book
95/96 panini sticker set and book
92/93 tsc members only set with coa
76/77 topps set (this set is immaculate, you have to see the scans)
79/80 topps set
81/82 topps set
93/94 finest set
94/95 finest series 2 set
95/96 finest series 1 set
96/97 finest set bronze 1 and 2
97/98 finest set
98/99 finest set series 2
98/99 metal heavy metal xplosion incomplete set (this is the metal cards that came out, I attempted to piece it together, but I ended quiting collecting)
98 topps golden greats pocket replays set (this is a moving image set, 18 cards in the set)
97/98 ud diamond vision set
97/98 ud diamond vision signature moves set (missing sprewell)
92/93 topps set (includes a spattering of topps golds cards in amongst them)
93/94 topps set (includes a spattering of topps golds cards in amongst them)
92/93 fleer set
93/94 fleer set
93/94 ud pro-view
92/93 ud mcdonalds national set
97 ud nestle crunch time set
93/94 ud se set (contains some electric court inserts)
94/95 ultra set
92/93 ultra series 2 set
91/92 hoops set
92/93 hoops series 2 set
90/91 hoops set (includes error versions of tom chambers- g/f, Kevin Johnson- g/f, john sundvold variations)
93/94 hoops set (includes hoops gold parallel cards, plus series 2 is complete hoops gold set also has insert cards mb1, dr1)
92/93 ud set (includes shaq trade card 1, 1a, 1b, 32a, 32, 33a, 33, )
94/95 sp set
92/93 ud all star weekend set (available only to dealers)
95/95 topps gallery set
93/94 skybox set
92/93 skybox series 2 set
93/94 tsc set
94/95 tsc series 2 set
95/96 tsc series 2 set
97/98 ex2001 set
98/99 ex century set
90/91 fleer update
90 hoops 100 superstars set (yellow border, sold through sears)
91 hoops 100 superstars (goldish border, sold through sears)
91/92 hoops mcdonalds (this is the national set, does not include the 8 card bulls regional set)
92 skybox usa set
94 skybox usa set
96 pro stamps (sticker set looks like stamps)
93/94 ud set
90/91 hoops collectabooks set (includes mail in pistons book)
91/92 skybox Canadian minis set
93 action packed hall of fame series 2 set
92 classic college (shaq yr)
93 classic college (webber yr, Adonis Jordan signed card)
91/92 fleer set
91/92 ud inaugural edition set (comes in wooden box, complete with all inserts #2616/3000)
95/96 topps series 2 set
90/91 skybox set
89/90 hoops set (robinson rookie)
91/92 skybox set
99/00 topps gallery set

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