I am aiming to get at least 95% of Hansen's rookie year cards. I am currently at 40/56= 71%. Anyways if you have any of the Hansen's i don't have please let me know.

Victory Rookies
Young guns
Mvp Rookies
Artifacts rookies /999
Ultra Rookies

Ultra Gold Medalion
Ultra Ice medallion /100
Artifacts rookies Silver /100
Artifacts Rookies Gold /50
Artifacts rookies Blue /25
Artifacts Rookies Bronze /10
Marquee Rookies
SPX rookie
Rookie Class
rookie Premieres /999
Authentic ROokies /999
Rookie Exclusives autographs /100

Marque Rookies- Silver
Marquee Rookies Micromotion
Authentic Rookies Gold /50
Authentic Rookies Spectrum /25
Autographed Prospect Patches /399
Hot Materials

Autographed Prospect Patches- Red Hot parellel /25
Hot Materials Red Hot /100
Hot Materials White Hot Patch Parellel /10
Autographed Future watch /999
Ice premieres level 3/499
Fresh Threads Jersey
Fresh Threads- PETG parallel /100
Fresh Threads- PETG patch parallel /25

Fresh Threads jerseys- PETG patch Black parallel /10
Ice premiers- Autographed PETG patch parallel /10
Autographed Future watch limited- Patch Variation /100
OPC premier Rookies- Auto Quad Jerseys /299
OPC premier Rookies- Auto Quad Jersey Gold Parallel /50
OPC Premier Rookies- Auto Quad Jersey Silver Spectrum Parallel /35

OPC Premier Rookies- Auto Quad jersey Gold Spectrum Parallel /15
Ultimate Rookies /599
Ultimate Debut Threads /200
Ultimate Debut Threads Patch Parallel /50
Ultimate Debut Threads- Auto Parallel /35
Ultimate Debut Threads Patches- Auto Parallel /10
Autographed Rookie Patch- Level 2 /249
Rookie Cards Level 2- Non-Patch/Non- Auto Gold parallel /25
Rookie Cards level 2- Gold Auto Patch Parallel /59
Sweet Beginnings- Auto Triple Jersey /100
Sweet Beginnings- Triple Jersey (Non-Signed) /599

MVP Rookie Gold Scripts /100
MVP Rookie Super Scripts /25
Young Guns Exclusives /100
Young Guns HG /10

SPX Rookies- Spectrum Parallel /25
BAP Rookies /99
BAP Rookies Players Club /10