Submitted by Russ_Cohen on Wed, 06/10/2009 - 23:06

There is perhaps one word that best describes Donruss Americana 2009, and that word is – Loaded! There are only four packs per box, but each pack is should have either a memorabilia card, a autograph card, or an autographed memorabilia card the packs are loaded.

You also get five cards to a base set, unless you get an insert or parallel card. Wow, more inserts in packs. But with a suggested retail of $25 per pack you should get something for your money, and you do.

If you like memorabilia cards then the series to look for is the Movie Posters set that includes either one, two, or three pieces of memorabilia. You can get a single card of Marilyn Monroe, or a dual card of Cary Grant & James Mason, or how about a triple with one piece from James Dean? I pulled a dual with Natalie Wood and John Wayne.