BY: Stu Hackel

The N.H.L. Awards are live from Las Vegas tonight, and NHL Network has a preview show at 6 p.m. Eastern, while the main event airs on Versus in the United States at 7:30 p.m and on CBC in Canada an hour later.

(BTW, the NHL Network’s Web site still thinks they’re playing the Stanley Cup final, urging you to tune in live on game days for their pregame show, with a photo of Nick Lidstrom and teammates holding the Cup. Maybe they’re playing Game 10 tonight and no one but NHLN knows.)

Tonight’s extravaganza is the first year of a three-year deal bringing the show to the Nevada desert. Vegas is a strange place for this event, and it’s a bit surprising that all those who have cried out against the migration of teams from hockey country to the Sun Belt have been quiet about this event migrating from Toronto. The league wanted to try something different, and mixing hockey and Vegas glitz certainly is different.