Waddell’s top critic is his star player

By Mark Bradley
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tuesday, July 07, 2009
By making moves, team hopes to give Kovalchuk reason to stick around.
It’s an odd task. Don Waddell is making moves with the goal of improving his hockey club, which ordinarily would be a general manager’s highest priority. But this GM has something more in mind:

He’s trying to impress Ilya Kovalchuk.
The best player in Thrashers history is scheduled to become a free agent next summer. He has given indications he’d like to stay here, but his desire is conditional: The Thrashers must first get better. “I know for sure we need some more players,” Kovalchuk told reporters after the final game of last season, and that’s where Waddell comes in.

Atlanta has made some really good moves IMO. Antropov is looking at a BIG year playing with Kovy and if the rookie Kane makes the team and plays with Kovy and Antropov look out!