I'm going through my cards...I have thousands upon thousands of the following sets.....

2006 upper deck series 1 and 2
2007 upper deck series 2
2007 topps

And hundreds of the following....

2008 opening day
2007 fleer ultra
2009 upper deck
2009 topps series 1

I also have some misc sets...mostly 06-09 that I can also pull from.

If you're looking for any commons, minor stars, rookies, or stars (can't guarantee the number available)....just let me know.

Prices will be cheap....but please don't ask me to look for and collect a player or team unless you're serious about purchasing

Commons will be .10 cents, rookies .25 cents, and stars .25 cents.

Shipping will depend on the number of cards, but I'm looking to fill decent size orders.

One last thing, be patient with me while I search