I figured some of you may be starting a collection of Lesnar. He looks like he's going to be dominant for a long period of time. In fact, the UFC may have to change the rules and allow two guys to fight him at the same time for the title. HAHAHAHA. Anyway, these may help someone out. They're doing nothing for me.

Here's the cards:

2003 Fleer Matitude Event-used M BL
(2) 2004 Fleer WWE Chaos Tuff Guys Event-used TG-BL
2002 Fleer Career Killer 77
Topps restricted Acess Gaming cards (3 different)
2003 WWE Aggression 17
2003 Fleer Aggression Ring Leaders insert 3 of 15 RL
2004 Fleer Royal Rumble Brock Lesnar 4
(2) 2004 Fleer Mania Memories 84
(3) 2002 Fleer Raw vs. SmackDown (Lesnar/Rock) 86
(3) 2002 Fleer Raw vs. Smack Down 19

18 cards total. Would like to trade it for MMA of equal value ... But would consider selling.

PM me if interested