hi im selling my cards and i know most ppl arent interested in the commons so im selling lots of 5-7 inserts for $3... these are higher end inserts and arent common player inserts.. get players like manning,young,elway,marino,rice,smith,taylor,marti
n, harrison, and many others.. email me at cc_rider55@yahoo.com for some of the cards you can get.. all of the cards are booked at $4and up!! could get a big money card.. i am also selling good rookie stars too.. ricky williams,mcnabb,boston,holt,couch,james,buress,bar
ry sanders,cris carter, alexander, aikman, and many other and you can get them for $3 as well but only 2-4 cards.. since there rookie and can spring up and stay up any time.. thanks alot and let me know if your interested. i have pictures too.thanks again


anybody want commons let me know..