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    Dontrelle Willis RC #ed/150 for sale

    I have a 02 Bowman Chrome Xfractor #ed/150 Graded a BGS 9, it is 1/1. the 0nly one to be graded BGS 9. Card is for sale on ebay, I'm sorry I don't have the link but its not hard to find. Thanks for looking, I also have a 160 card lot of A-rod listed. thanks matt ballerskrip

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    wow thats a nice card...i hope you get lots of money for it!!!

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    If you put your eBay ID in your profile, it links right to the items you have for sale.

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    Originally posted by Rangers #3
    That card isn't a true RC, it's just an expensive parallel of it.
    Well it is a rookie card and he never said it was his "true RC".....
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    don trelle

    This card is A TRUE RC of Dontrelle, one of his only two true rookies. I hope someone really wants to take this card off my hands. I'm out visiting my girlfriend in cali, very expensive hahah. later ballerskrip
    BY the way ny ebay id is baller37

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