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Thread: Brodeur

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    anyone interested in a 01-02 Parkhurst Jersey/Stick Combo Brodeur (Jersey Black/Red) BV $160.00

    PLMK i'm looking for high end trade offers or cash

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    I have a cujo chromograph auto 40$
    2 BAP cujo auto's 40$ each
    2 color roy AS jersye 45$
    Spezza Premier auto 50$
    Some cujo base cards

    anythign interest u?
    Auto'd mini mask of cujo from frozen pond 60$ with COA

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    I Will Trade For:

    CuJo Chromograph $40
    Roy AS Jersey $45
    Spezza Auto $50
    Heatley Auto $25
    = $160

    Whattaya Think?

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    hmmmmmm I looked up the parkhurst jersye/stick and the brodeur is only $87.50 1.75x50 let me know on that one

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    the card went down in the beckett it says most card have been lowered without arrows and the marty is only 50x1.75 so I think your card value was cut in half

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    I think u r reading it wrong, just because the jersey is red and the stick is black doenst make it a multi color swatch the multi color swatch is when 1 piece is 2 colors, all of the cards in the set would be multi color swatches then, so I am disagreeing a little, let me know I would like ot come to adeal here and trade for it

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    i said the jersey is red and black and the stick is black...that wud be 2 colours..i'm reading it perfectly fine

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    o ok I misread your first statement, well if u want to redo the offer I would like ot make a trade let me know thanks!!

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