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    Cool Anyone have any SPA patch/autos for trade?

    Looking for any of these other then Spezza. Going to go for the set. LMK

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    I have a Selanne auto I wanna get rid of from SP

    Please PM me if interested.


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    I was really only looking for the autographed patch cards but I could use that Orpick as well. Anything on my trade page interest you?

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    i have the nash but im not sure if i want to get rid of anything, ill look at what you have

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    I have an Adam Hall Patch auto thats 2 colors

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    What are you looking for for the hall?

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    I'm looking for SP Authentic FW Autos in return (non patches)

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    lbf- wut cards do u have to trade since i have these sp authentic fw autos: smirnov, ott, svitov, hall, hainsey

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    I could use the Ott Svitov and hall as well.

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