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    i have TONS of brett favre memorabelia for sale or possible trade

    i have about 400 cards about half are inserts.......don't have the stadium club rookie but i have about 5 others.......i'm looking to sell them all not just card by card or possibly trade for something real nice........also have a 1995 favre kenner starting linup in box......also a favre original plate with certificate.........get at me with some offers

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    I must be a loser, because although Bonds is a great player, he's an arrogant ™™™.

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    it doesnt matter if you think he's an arrogant ™™™ b/c unless you know him personally your opinion gets thrown out the window.........skills win games, trying to please you i dont think is too high up on his list.....and oh yea the blackhawks are reallllll good arent they ha ha ha

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    Hi, and welcome to our board

    I am always interested in Brett Favre (or any future sure fire Hall of Famers)

    However, even though you have 400 cards, I cannot make an offer without knowing the card company, card number, year

    Perhaps you could list a few that you want to sell, and what prices you're looking for

    Also, I'll move this over to the trading forum so you get more exposure to other traders/buyers

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    I am interested in all the Favre Game Used and Autos you have.Please email me at

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