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Thread: looking for sue bird cards

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    looking for sue bird cards

    yep, I'm looking for Sue Bird and Stacey Dales-Schuman cards. Lmk what you would want in return.

    For Bird and Dales-Schuman jersey cards I have a Shaq jersey card, Webber jersey card and a Abdur-Rahim auto card. Lmk and thanks,
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    dont have any wnba cards except lisa leslie but really interested in any cwebb jsy cards

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    Hi Joe,

    I could also use any Favre or Kevin Garnett cards. Let me know if you have any of those guys and thanks.

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    lord ploof-
    Check out my site for cards of Favre and KG. I'd be interested in the Shaq and Abdur-Rahim cards. Thanks!!!

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