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    Anybody have any unopened mint NHL mcfarlane figures, email me if you do I would trade generously for some extras I am looking for thanks hope to hear from a bunch of you!! email me ASAP

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    looking for any specific years? my uncle has a new CuJo for sale only

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    well I have a complete set but I am looking for extras whats the new cujo u mean the red wings one, I dont want them opened I want them in package, new cujo is in a wings box set so I dont really want them, I am looking more for like variants or hard to find regs from other sets, not exclusive boxed sets, is it a repaint one?

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    sorry its not that new, i forgot they made a wings one (i dont have it yet) its from toronto and it's unopened...if you are interested i will give my uncle a call and see what he wants in cash for it...he just got it as a gift but doesnt really like figures so he only wants to sell it

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    ya definitely I am VERY interested in it thanks call him up and let me know I would love to buy it from him!!

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    I have Kovalchuk, Roenick, Francis & Shanny. All unopened. I also know where I can get a Turek (unopened, white Flames Jersey). - J

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