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Thread: An auto for sale or trade.

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    An auto for sale or trade.

    A 2000 Private Stock Private Signings Marc Bulger. BV $40. Sell $35. Trade value $30.

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    I pulled out of a pack that I bought at the flea market. at the time I thought it was lousy because he wasn't all that great, but I held on to it.

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    I have a Ricky Williams rcs:
    99 Topps Chrome bv $40
    99 Donruss Preferred QBC Gold bv $15
    99 Prestige HoloSilver #EX39 serial #3119/3250 bv $16
    I would trade for that card if interested.

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    Let me think about it. I'm trying to get at least an auto out of a trade, but those are some very nice RC's. I'll get back to you.

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    actually the bv is $40. So the Topps chrome would be an even trade. But I still have to think about it.

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    I also have 2 autos
    03 Sage Emerald auto Billy McMullen #A21 bv $10
    97 Upper Deck NFL Legends auto #AL-164 Charlie Sanders bv $20

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