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Thread: im trading all my rookies

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    im trading all my rookies

    i have tons of rookies and most are book valued at an average of about $3 i have about 150 from 98-02 mostly im looking for multi color game used. if you dont have any you are more than welcome to leave an offer.

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    do u have any Luke Staley from 2002 hes on the Detriot Lions and he went yo BYU lmk

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    Do you have any Drew Bledsoe, Travis Henry, Eric Moulds, Sam Aiken, or Kliff Kingsbury? LMK

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    i have a sage kliff kingsbury its 1 of 2500 and i think i have a pacific bledsoe make me any offer any game used or a good card of randy moss

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    I cant offer any good cards for what you have! Is there anything else you collect so that we can make a trade?

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