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    any one have a sp authentic,spx, or playoff contenders rc?

    any have rc's of any year from 1998 to now.
    looking for anyone would trade any cards here are just two at the top of my head
    2001 playoff absolut meoriablia ike hilliard boss hogs gu shoe 17/125
    clinton portis rc or i have other better cards just lmk if u have any

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    If interested in 1997 playoff contenders rc I have a whole set and a few singles.

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    I have them all from that year, I have the whole set.
    I have extras of Plummer, Tiki, Antwain Smith. will have the BV.
    I am getting ready to go but PM me if interested.


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    I have a 1998 SPX Radience Charlie Btach RC /1700. It books for $30, let me know

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    SP Authentic RC

    I have this one:

    Dennis Northcutt-2000 SP Authentic #129(0752/1250) $25

    this one too:

    Chris Chambers RC-2002 Playoff contenders(Sophomore Contenders AUTO’s)( #11/28) BV$60

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    no scan, sorry

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