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    Question Who will be the League MVP this year?

    My bet is that Garnett makes a good run this year.

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    Shaq, in the last several years, is the MVP

    His main problem is, he spends the summer vacationing instead of working out. And then spends 60 games to get into shape for the play-offs

    Assuming Shaq comes into training camp fit and trim and healthy, he's by far the runaway favorite for the MVP.

    The question is: will Shaq be given the MVP when the Lakers have 4 Hall of Famers playing with each other.

    KG is a legitimate MVP candidate. Had it not been for Duncan, KG should have won it last year.

    KG needs a few good players, and Wally's not one of them

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    Wally blows. Regardless If Shaq does show up in shape or not he won't win. I think that Malone and Payton are going to score enough points to lower shaqs overall stats. Not as many touches on the ball as he's used to.

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    garnett, the reigning MVP (understand????) will win again

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