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    Anybody want these 2002-2003 topps chrome refractors?

    Today I got these cards from 2002-2003 topps chrome:

    Antawn Jamison Refractor
    John Stockton Refractor
    Jason Terry White Border Refractor #168/249
    Donyell Marshall White Border Refractor #150/249
    Ben Wallace White Border Refractor # 246/249

    Let me know if you're interested in any of these. I'm willing to trade them or sell them. I picked them up at the local card shop today. The owner put them into a 25 cent per card box. I bought each of these for a quarter. I thought it was a great deal.

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    Donyell Marshall White Border Refractor #150/249
    I am interested in that!

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    If you've got any Sean Casey, Tony gwynn, jose vidro, cade mcnown, or kobe or shaq stuff I might be interested. I'd also be interested in baseball rookies or cheap autographs if you have any.

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    Not a whole lot. I think the cards worth about 5 or 6 dollars, so I'd trade it for that much.

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