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Thread: Really...REALLT want:

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    Really...REALLT want:

    --84/85~Cam Neely RC--OPC-#327. BV around $20
    --85/86~Cam Neely OPC-#229. BV around $12


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    are you still looking for islander cards from 77-86
    and if so opc or topps

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    i have a 01-02 Topps Reserve Team Logo card of Kenny Jonsson.

    if interested lmk

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    Yes! 77>86 ISLES...OPC preferably & in good shapeplease. What do you need/want?

    I dont like Johansson(sp)...sorry, no offense, you a nice list though! Got TIM KERR...nobody speaks of this Cam Neely,Bertuzzi pioneer!:)

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    would u do a
    01-02 Jose Theodore Top Shelf Jersey bv 20
    97-98 Ziggy Palffy BAP Auto bv 12

    for the

    02-03 Josh Harding Rookie Updae RC
    02-03 Ryan Miller Rookie Update RC

    I really need this for the set

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    Sorry dude, I just mailed those out in a trade. I will take it off my list. Mike

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