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Thread: Djauwerda's TTM Success Thread

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    Yea, I got the notification... cleared out my box. Thank you again for the help! Can't wait to see them!
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    Always looking for cards/memorabilia to trade from:
    Scott Spiezio, Kelly Dransfeldt, Billy Petrick, Zack Petrick,
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    Ok, had a huge mail day today! First, with huge help from @34BoJackson16 I was able to put together a few more Custom cards by getting the sticker off another card and putting them on my customs. Patrick was gracious enough to help me put together the Grasu, Braverman and Stone cards below. I also then sent out the first of a new design called Stratosphere, which will focus on Hall of Famers. Harry Carson is my first return of that set, he returned 2/2 customs in 11 days.

    That was a fun mail day!

    IMG_2731.jpg IMG_2732.jpg IMG_2733.jpg IMG_2730.jpg

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    You are welcome anytime. Enjoy and let me know if you are need of more help.
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