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Thread: 97-98 Katch Gold prices

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    97-98 Katch Gold prices

    Was wondering if anyone knows what the Fedorov Gold Katch from 97-98 goes for. the card # is 49... Any help is appreciated.

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    Couldnt find the price on the Katch gold... the regular Katch goes for $2.50.

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    Welcome to the board Duane. I'm not sure what it books for. It looks nice though. I'm still looking for the regular one myself to finish 97/98 and the gold for 96/97.

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    Thanks for helping me. I am trying to trade for it and neither of us really knows what it is worth. If the regular is $2.50 I wonder what the multiplyer is for it. Anyone think $37 is to high or to low?

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    I paid a buck for mine on ebay. I guess it would depend on what the $37 in trade is. if it was rc's or GU/auto's I'd say no way but if it was regulars and inserts I'd say sure. Otherwise I think thats a bit high. I would think in the $20-25 range.

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    Thanks for the Help everyone, i appreciate it..

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