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    I will do a BV of all your cards

    Startin out this little thing where if you have a big list of cards that you want to know the book value of, pm me with the offer and the list of your cards or where I can find this list. In other words you will trade me a card(s) for finding the book value of all your cards. Already asked BGray and he said this is cool and that we can leave feedback when we are done.

    BE AWARE: That some 2003 cards I cannot get the BV because they have not been released but I will try and see.

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    yes but what im saying is it would be easier to give me a card or two and have me look them all up if you have a large list of cards that you want to know the BV of

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    It would take me just as long to type all the cards to you then to type them in Beckett. Good luck

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    Thank you, by the way I have already got one job from a guy on the baseball forum

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