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Thread: "beckett raw card review"

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    "beckett raw card review"

    what does a "beckett raw card review" mean? Thanks!

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    When Beckett evaluates a card in person at shows or events. They put a sticker on the card holder instead of putting it in a case like when they grade the cards ''for real''...

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    It is, but without the added benefit of them having extra time to slab it and make the little plate with the subgraded.
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    So i recently bought a Bowman sterling Kevin Durant and it was beckett raw card review.. This is what the auction says.. Does this mean i can send it in for free and they will complete the grading?
    2007-08 Bowman Sterling Kevin Durant rookie card #Kd graded a Bgs 9.5 gem mint raw review you just send this card to beckett and they will slab it a great rare card

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    Sorry i know this is the hockey card section but i searched for the beckett raw card review!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    It is, but without the added benefit of them having extra time to slab it and make the little plate with the subgraded.
    I do not think this statement is correct. As a raw card review is that. You could then take the card back and it might not get the grade they stated before. As it a raw review a very quick glance over not a thorough evaluation of the card.

    I believe folks on here and other sites done raw review then later did the real grading and have gotten lower grades. Might want someone else to verify this as I only done the raw review once before and that was to get a review on what I thought was a Fake Gretzky rookie. As it only cost 10 bucks and it came back fake which is what I wanted to know. Hence better than submitting it for the $30 grading service which I would have been the same thing.

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    I believe the idea behind the raw card review is that if you send it in for the rest of the process, in the sealed sleeve, it SHOULD come back at the grade stated, however that is not guaranteed.
    Based on experiences others in the hobby have had, and shared, I would never buy or trade for a Beckett Raw Card Reviewed card. The Sleeves are too easy to tamper with.
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    Awesome thanks for the feedback everyone. I am gonna contact the seller and see what he says about it.

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    I just bought a card that has a Beckett raw card review. Is it easy to remove it from the case or whatever it is in? Any tips?
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