Hello SCF people. First, to the admins, I'm applying for affiliate status but the instructions state that I have to send a PM to Doniceage but then when you try to do that you're told you need at least one post to PM him. This is that post. Thus my next action will be to post the request. Hopefully this is okay.

So, who is bidStart?

BidStart used to be StampWants.com and has been around since 2005 and is now the top site for stamps. We're now expanding into all collectibles markets and have recently started growing our sports category.

We've now got roughly 70,000 listings for sports cards with more coming every day (we just started expanding here a couple weeks ago).

What makes us different from a store perspective is that we have no listing fees for sports products and final value fees that are a fraction of ebay's. A basic store is just $3.95. We also have a fully automatic sync feature so that you can take all your ebay listings and duplicate them on bidStart and keep doing things just as you do now. When something sells on bidStart you'll just take home a bigger profit. Any changes you make on ebay automatically change on bidStart as well.

The bottom line is that we offer the chance to realize a higher percentage of sales. While we may not have the traffic ebay has it doesn't hurt you to sell here as well. It's just like Coke selling their products at various stores. Why limit yourself to one store when another is willing to offer up your items with virtually no added impact to you?

We're also big into marketing and advertising programs. We're currently giving away a 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle card for example (with similar items in the other categories). We've also booked attendance to the Industry Summit in Vegas April 11-14th and look forward to meeting any of you there.

Anyway, we're very keen to hear from buyers and sellers on what bidStart needs to be doing to best fit the needs of the market. Feel free to contact me with any input you might have.

Thanks for your time. Now off to go PM the affliate note.
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