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Thread: RGP's TTM Success Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Welker83 View Post
    Nice Tittle is a great TTM'er may have to try him again. Mine took almost a year but he seems quick now.
    yeah, he's reliable as anyone but his times are kinda all over the place.


    Last week..

    Jason McCourty, 1/1, c/o Titans. I'm a big fan of his, he's really coming into his own as a starter.

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    Haven't sent anything out in a while. Might send out some 8x10's soon. Been really busy!

    Steve Garvey, 1/1. Sent sometime this fall.

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    Garvey sig looks great on that card congrats & nice to see you on the boards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riggs View Post
    Garvey sig looks great on that card congrats & nice to see you on the boards.
    thanks man. my visits seem to be less frequent every time i log on hah.


    Couple weeks ago.

    Ronald Johnson. 2/1. 5th Rd. draft pick by the 49ers in 2011. Didn't make the team. Plays for the Eagles now.

    I've said this before, but I'm gonna get back into it a little soon here. Busy with life.

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    Ricky Watters, 2/2. From a LONG time ago. Showed up at my dad's house. Sent this two years ago at least.

    Bruce Irvin, 1/1.

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    Nice Watters returns. I need to start sending again.

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    Wow, it's been 16 months since I've done anything. Got the itch to send out a few after tonight, though.

    Was at the Iowa Cubs game. Seats were down in Row 1 along the Cubs bullpen. The thought of getting some signatures never even crossed my mind, but we got there early and were chilling in our seats. Some relievers were signing for people pregame, didn't really care to pay any attention, but everyone stood up and I noticed Kris Bryant came out to sign. Took care of everyone that was in that row and was coming towards us. A guy next to me came prepared so I borrowed his pen and had Kris sign my e-ticket. was a pleasant little surprise to get the Cubs super prospect. Had plans on going back on Sunday so maybe I'll try to get a ROMLB signed or something. Super cool guy.

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    Wow, you still exist! Glad to see you posting. Awesome Bryant success, you should consider doing some sort of cut with that.
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    Oh wow I remember this was one of my favorite threads to follow on here until I was banned for a few years!

    That Bryant autograph would be nice in a custom cut card!

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    Welcome home, RGP. Love the Bryant.
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