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    Dollar Tree break - all Panini products

    Well, I had to run by the local Dollar Tree yesterday for some stuff, and I saw they had some packs of Panini products guessed it, a buck. After seeing some people pull auto/patches from 0708 Hot Prospects at a Dollar Tree, I decided to try some of each basketball product - Prestige, Elite and Rookies and Stars. Bad idea. Should've realized, based on the print on the back, that there are no inserts in any of these packs, and the Elite is base only - no rookies. So, after blowing $30 on 30 packs, I came out with 12 rookies:

    Rookies & Stars - Jon Brockman; Derrick Brown
    Prestige - Tyler Hansbrough; DeMarre Carroll; Jordan Hill; Eric Maynor; James Johnson (needed all)
    Rodrigue Beaubois; Wayne Ellington; Jodie Meeks; Darren Collison; Jermaine Taylor (all duplicates of what I already own)

    So, yeah, unless you are going for the base set, I would advise against purchasing the Panini packs at Dollar Tree, as there are NOT any inserts/autos/GU in these packs. BUT...the 5 rookies that I pulled that I did not already have were all short prints...check out the link.

    So, while I was pretty disappointed at first, I'm not so much anymore...I may go back and grab more of those Prestige packs in hopes of getting more short prints.

    Thanks for looking!

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    or any other retail stores. broke a box @ target $19.99 of Prestige and got a Kobe "Bonus Shots" parallel /300... lol.

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    haha same here! from wal-mart but i got a Kevin Durant Bonus Shots /300 lol (although i was happy it was durant)

    and congrats on those sp rookies garnett!

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    Wow seems like everyones on this dollar tree binge. My brother just told me he went to a dollar tree and bought some packs. Funny

    congrats in the sp rookies!! I need one of those dollar trees!

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    Not bad with the sp's I usually look for hot prospects at my dollar tree seems people have been really lucky with them.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

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    Thanks guys. Looked up the values on the SPs, and they book between $15 and $30 per card...can't beat that for $1 packs!

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    the last jenning sp on ebay went for $34.00
    i sold 2 about 3 weeks ago for $21 and $29 a piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrjunkie888 View Post
    the last jenning sp on ebay went for $34.00
    i sold 2 about 3 weeks ago for $21 and $29 a piece.
    Holy cow! Are you serious? Wow! Well, I'm glad I pulled it from my most recent break =) Keeping it for my set.

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    Nice pulls for a great price! I gotta ask though, since I've been on this board you've only really bought blasters and what not. Why not save your money for some Hobby boxes of some cheap products? For instance 07-08 Ultra in $40 or a so a box and you get 5 hits including 1 auto. Just curious though.

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    by the way thats cool on the prices of the SP's dude! $1 for a $15-$30 aint bad at all!

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