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Thread: Looking for magazine articles!

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    Looking for magazine articles!

    Hello all,

    We are looking to bring back the SCF magazine! The magazine was a great, popular feature that I know many of you loved. The stories and information were fun to read, bringing a special collaborative and interactive element to the forums in addition to all the trading.

    Of course, at the heart of every magazine is good article content, and that is where you come in! Do you have a hockey collection or a hobby opinion you'd like to write about and share? If so, consider checking our our articles forum and submitting a piece!

    I'd also encourage sending me a PM if you have any other ideas you'd like to mention regarding the magazine. What do you want to see? What parts of the magazine are your favorites? How long do you prefer issues to be? Community input is vital - every one of you is part of a larger audience, so don't hesitate to give your opinions! We want this magazine to be for the SCF community's enjoyment first and foremost.
    gone and done -- fun while it lasted

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    Still looking for submissions!
    gone and done -- fun while it lasted

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    Hope you enjoyed the May comeback issue!

    The magazine will be bi-monthly, so the next issue will come in early July. Any articles submitted between the release of the May issue and June 23rd will be considered for publication in the mag, so keep those contribs coming! :)
    gone and done -- fun while it lasted

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    We are considering ceasing publication of the magazine. We've seen a great increase in article output, but it seems most of you are primarily just interested in picking and choosing the articles you want to read in the articles forum and page rather than seeing them compiled in magazine format. As such, I've started a poll over here where you can vote on whether or not you want to see the magazine stay up. Please let us know what you think by voting. Thanks.
    gone and done -- fun while it lasted

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