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    Ahman Green Turning Pro (Red/Green)

    I pulled it last week...really nice.
    BV is $50 looking for a nice AU or just lmk what you have to offer.

    Ahman Green Turning Pro (Red/Green) 087/250

    2 swatch- Red(Nebraska) Green-(Packers)

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    I would trade you a 02 Topps Prestine NFL Reebok Rookie Premiere GU jsy blue BV 25, a 01 Private Stock Titanium Post Season Dillion jsy black and Travis Henry jsy Blue...BV on each I believe 12....And a McNabb Aurora RC....

    Let me know Clay Scott...

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    Sorry but I'm looking for something around the same BV


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    Yeah, I have a D. McNabb AU

    Are you interested?

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    Its 1999 Press Pass
    Really Nice!

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