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    Quote Originally Posted by road_runner_1964 View Post
    How can I be, I mean the last update was only 7 days ago and I am still exhausted from celebration....LOL
    Wait... aren't you supposed to be one of the NICE guys on this thread?!? Where is that darn ban hammer when I need it...?

    Quote Originally Posted by bobreaker50 View Post
    Love your collection...I always keep my eye out when I'm searching stuff at the lcs but I haven't seen any yet.
    Thanks Bob. You're much, much nicer than the other Bob who posted above you. Feel free to comment anytime and push his comments further upward!

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    Ha... I get it, it's Bo Breaker... like Bo Jackson. And your name is Paul. Thanks Paul!

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    Back with a more regular, monthly update, just like I used to months ago. Even if the haul is small, there will be updates from month to month again. On the way to mile marker 3,500, then on to the big goal of 4,000 Matt Ware cards. It can happen!

    Here is the JANUARY 2013 update!

    The totals:

    12 cards added January 2013. (3,360 total) I am now 640 cards away from 4,000.

    6 different cards added January 2013.

    12 RC cards (all of them this month!) added January 2013.

    2 serial numbered cards added January 2013.

    2 serial numbered RC cards added January 2013.

    Nothing of real note here. I did pick up 7 really common ones this month: 4 2004 Bowman RCs and 3 2004 Topps Total RCs. Ho hum.


    Nothing to see here, but only 40 away from a mini milestone of 3,400! I'm starting to clean out a few of the sites of their cheap, common Matt Ware RCs now, but with a lot of things coming out for the Boise State PC, it may be a bit before I get to all of them.

    Thanks for looking! Well... everyone except Bob. See you in 28 days with the February update!

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    Glad to see it still growing! It's a true collector's collection, based on real interest not just the all mighty $. I love it. Your getting to the point where I need to introduce you to my customs guy! LOL

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    Yeah, definitely not based on making $$$ off of it. Just keeping the train rolling. Slowly.

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    This month was... well... dead. I received two cards in February, one of which doesn't really count towards the total. More on both below. It'll be a short read, so thanks in advance for looking!

    Here is the FEBRUARY 2013 update!

    The totals:

    2 cards added February 2013. (3,361 total*) I am now 639 cards away from 4,000.

    2 different cards added February 2013.

    1 RC card added February 2013.

    1 serial numbered card added February 2013.

    1 serial numbered RC card added February 2013.

    I picked up two cards this month:
    2004 SP Authentic /1199 RC
    2004 Upper Deck Diamond All-Star Promos AUTOGRAPHED*

    *I dont count non-serial numbered auto cards towards the total, since no pack issued autos were ever released. I just put them in their own pile in one of my boxes and have them look pretty.


    Next month (March) is the month of my birth, with my birthday coming on the 20th. Kinda a big one, as I am turning 30. Could be fun.

    Thanks for looking, and hopefully I will see you at the end of March with some fun gifts and great Matt Ware cards!

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    30 smirty....blah.

    Need to break out my search party for more Ware's....
    Hidden Content

    Currently 447 in my PC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by road_runner_1964 View Post
    Need to break out my search party for more Ware's....

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    Well 2 is better tan 0. I'm getting ready to ship at COMC so let me know if you need any there. There's one on there for $15. Not disrespecting Ware but is that typical??

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    ...we can't all collect HOF RB's, OK?

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