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Thread: Is this a good idea?

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    Is this a good idea?

    I was thinking of picking up 3 or 4 2002-03 Pacific Heads Up Hockey - Retail boxes at $24.95 each. Every box has a guaranteed Game Worn card. Is this a good set and is that a good price?

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    Those heads up cards are ok.. the GU per box is neat though.. its a quad jersey card 99 times out of 100. Last time I bought 2 boxes and got Devils and Wild. Problem is beyond the jersey cards there is relatively nothing worthwhile in the boxes.

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    If you buy any, LMK if you get any Blackhawks gu , I'll trade in your favor for them. Good luck, J

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    I wouldn't go for it. I bought three boxes of those. The quad jersey's really aren't valued at anything. I got a sakic etched in time numbered to only 55 and sold it for a whopping $1. If you're going to get the heads up..get the hobby boxes, you have better odds and more stuff to pull. Just my thoughts.

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