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    Wanted: 10/11 Artifacts Tundra Trios

    I've decided that this is the jersey set I am going to collect for this year. I don't like the Frozen Artifacts this season.

    Check out my bucket and let me know if we can make a deal. Looking for the cards /75, BUT if you see something you'd like for a lower parallel then we can talk. Thanks.

    I've got--Malkin/Staal/Fleury

    I need the rest.

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    I have a Columbus Voracek/Mason/Nash /50, interested in quite a few of your habs GU, let me know if you need this. Thanks
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    i have Buffalo and the Kings

    i like you Price dual jersey
    Cherry auto
    E Kane yg

    lmk maybe we can work out a deal?


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    I've got a couple of trios...
    Yzerman/Staal/Pronger Bronze #15/75
    Iginla/Kiprussoff/Bourque Silver #14/50
    Mason/Nash/Voracek Gold #2/5

    Looking for Bruins and any decent trade bait. Let me know if you need 'em.
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