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    Coming back to the top to see if I can pull anything new to the game here! I have a lot of traders and I will trade in YOUR favor for the right cards!! Shoot me a message here or send me a pm and we can try to put something else together!!!


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    Its almost been a week, who wants to do some trading? LMK and if you have a group of some size, I will trade in your favor! The banner goes to my buket and the link to my ebay. I have a lot more stuff that isnt listed so if you cant find anything, let me know and I'll get you a list! I need some AP stuff!

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    I havent been on in about 3 weeks, now rested and relaxed. Anyone have any AP cards for trade. Getting ready to update my bucket and get to some trading. Post here or send me a pm, either will work ok.


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    Looking to get back into the trade scene! I am always looking for any AP that I dont already have so let me know what you have for trade! I will also check buckets and trade in your favor if I am getting to trade up value wise or for lots that I am trying to get! I have about 400 new items that I will be uploading to my bucket over the next few days! LMK what you have on the thread or shoot me a pm. Hope to hear from you soon.


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    Trying to get back into the trading scene and this is my main pc guy! I have over 1K AP cards but he is so many cards, I have a long way to go! If you have anything different, away from the normal base cards, I probably need it! Dont get me wrong, I need the base too, but I like patches, Rainbows, and the special ones best! LMK what you like and what you have and we can go from there! PM works best, but I check here too!


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    Adrian Peterson:
    2007 Bowman Chrome ROOKIE!CARD! #BC65
    2008 Playoff Prestige #54
    2008 UpperDeck Heroes #2
    2008 UpperDeck Heroes #4
    2009 Rookies & Stars #55
    2009 Gridiron Gear #2
    2009 Donruss Classics #54
    2009 Playoff Prestige #55
    2009 Absolute Memorabilia #55
    2010 Topps "ALLPRO" #103
    2010 Topps "Attax" #N/A
    2010 Topps "RC Reprints Original Back Topps 2007 AP" #301
    2010 Absolute Memorabilia #54
    2010 Panini Adrenalyn XL #217
    2010 EPIX #54
    2010 Gridiron Gear #79
    2010 Rookies & Stars #81
    2010 Topps "Gridiron Lineage" Peterson/Harvin #GL-PH2010 Topps "Gridiron Lineage" Peterson/Jim Brown #GL-BP
    2011 Topps Prime #20
    2011 Topps Prime "Bronze" #20
    2011 Playoff Contenders #74
    2011 Absolute Memorabilia #54
    2011 Absolute Memorabilia "Ground Hoggs" #20
    2011 Absolute Memorabilia "NFL Nation" #1
    2011 Topps "GameDay" #GD-AP
    2011 Topps "Faces of The Franchise" #FF-PH
    2011 Topps Platinum #10
    2011 Topps Rising Rookies #30
    2011 Panini Threads #82
    2011 Adrenalyn XL #171
    2011 Gridiron Gear #103
    2011 Gridiron Gear "Crash COurse #/d" #9 #/d 033/250
    2011 Score #159
    2011 Prestige #108
    2011 NFL Sticker Collection #328

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    I have a lot of AP rc in my bucket under pc but lmk if you need any

    I will trade by bv or sv as long as I like what I'm getting


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    Quote Originally Posted by mrplow888 View Post
    Pm Sent! Thanks.


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