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    Quote Originally Posted by chris81 View Post
    Ok will do. Do you have a list of rookies you need yet? lmk These days im collection Osweiler, Foles working on the Topps Chrome rainbow on both. Yeah things are going ok over here just had my 2nd in 1 year toe surgery dang bone spur. This time they cut out like have my toe bone then stitched it back together so been off work for 2 weeks and have 2 more to go.
    ON the TRUE rookies according to Beckett, I should have that ready so here goes:

    Donruss Threads RC Auto, Exquisite RC Auto, R & S RC Auto, National Treasures RC Auto, SPA RC Auto, SPX RC Auto, Sweet Spot RC Auto, Ultimate RC Auto, UD Premier RC Auto. Ok. If you have a link working on your rainbow's shoot it to me and I'll see if I come across anything for you. Sorry to hear about your surgery man! I know it can be frustrating and after awhile staying at home gets old. Every time I would tell people that I was ready to get back to work, they didn't understand. But after multiple surgeries, sometimes you just want to get back to work instead of being at home! Take care man and I'll talk to you soon.


    P.S. Note the new signature! I have my true rookie list updated correctly & I have the list there for everyone to see! Thanks for the nudge!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chajones View Post
    I have Topps Total RC and the 07 Topps Turn Back the Clock starter pack with AP. If you happen to need those PM me and we can work out a deal.
    Man, wouldn't you know it!! I am finally getting some new action on this thread but I have the ones you guys are mentioning! Please keep me in mind if you get anything else and thanks for taking a minute to shoot me the message!


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    Anyone out there in trade land tonight feel like working a deal? LMK! I am looking for anything AP that I don't have, anything! Base all the way up!



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    Im going to keep posting in this thing until I get where I am headed or until I get 100K looks!!! I need your AP stuff. Base, Commons, gu, patch, sp's autos and anything I might have left out! LMK what you like from my bucket and lets do some trading!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by jfav313 View Post
    2012 topps chrome pink?
    Good afternoon & thanks for the response to my post! I do actually already have that one but, if you get anything else in, please keep me in mind! I am looking for anything that I don't have so anything is good.......


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    I'm still just rolling along collecting everything I can possibly get for this guy! I am also working on a special project commemorating his 2012 MVP season and I'll post some pictures of it as soon as it's complete! If you have anything for trade, shoot me a message and lets get some mail going!


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