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Thread: What's your worst box break?

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    Talking What's your worst box break?

    I've opened about 12 boxes of cards this season, and one stands out as the worst. SP Authentic.

    I broke a box and got a Jordan Leopold Auto Rookie, not bad I guess, and I got two Super Premium Jersey cards, both Olaf Kolzig! He's not a bad player or anything, but I have zero interest in the Capitals... Other than that, I got a few anonymnous Future Watches. Maybe I'll try again. At the National in AC I'm gonna break a box of Ultimate Memorabilia at the BAP booth for the 1/1 redemption cards, and hopefully I'll get a few good pulls. ;)

    My best box so far was UD Classic Portraits, I got an extra jersey, a Yzerman, and I picked up a Nash, Chistov, and Spezza rookie, among others. The Spezza is numbered 1500/1500, so that's kinda cool.

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    My worst box was a pack.... BAP Ultimate.. spent $100 for a Chris Schmidt RC and a Ivan Huml Jersey. BUNK

    Best box was an UD PRemier box in which I got the following:
    Bobby Orr Auto /50
    Yzerman patch /25
    Kolzig/Jagr jersey /50
    And some nice autos of Heatley and Thornton

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    Ive only opened 1 box.. i got a 01-02 UD last year for my birthday. Costed $90 and i got NOTHING. a few inserts and a Kolanos YG RC worth $12. I have had some pretty good packs ..

    ive only opened 1 pack of Titanium and i got a $150 Frolov RC. Not bad for $15. Then i opened the only pack i ever got of Calder and got 1 of 100 randomly inserted Rick Nash autos.

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    i got a box of 99-00 upper deck series two and got a $5 lindros insert and a stefan series 2 rookie (worth maybe $2 now) cost $80

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