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    NPN Question.....

    I am sending in a few NPN for some different products i have busted, but I have a question. I dont have 3x5 Index Cards, so can i just write my adress on a pice of small paper or something? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Moved this to the NPN forum. Hopefully you can get a response there.
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    If the NPN says 3x5 then it has to be a 3x5. Most of the companies don't really want to give out NPNs but they are required to by law. Therefore, if there are any defects in the way it is submitted, the request can be thrown out. For example, if it says to print instead of type or you don't submit a phone number when asked or don't send in the right sized envelope. I'm not saying they will--but they can if they want to.

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