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Thread: Looking to stock up

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    Looking to stock up

    Hey im looking to stock up on 2002 and 2003 Crown Royale Penguins cards. Im looking for Large amount of the Hedberg from this years set. LMK what you have and need in return Bv on one is $1 for a common and $10 for mario

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    I have a 2003-Atomic Gold -Hedberg #79.
    03-Prospect-Shane Endicott'
    '92--Parkhurst. Trottier. #360
    Victory Prospect--'03--Tibbetts, Crozier, Hedberg
    2000--Prism--J.S. Aubin-RC #112
    & more...

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    2003-Atomic Gold -Hedberg #79.
    Victory Prospect--'03 Hedberg
    2000--Prism--J.S. Aubin-RC #112

    Interested in these three, What are you looking for in return

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    I am looking for certafied autos,GU Isles from the early 80s,Cam Neely Bossy, Tim Kerr, alot more...list?


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    I have nothing along thos lines sorry. In about 5 min im going to post my new Sell/Trade list.

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