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    Went a little crazy lately with the ol' pickups....

    2005 UD Legends Legends of the Hall /25

    2012 Absolute NFL Icons /25

    2004 Leaf Limited Monikers /15

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    Of course there is another Marino auto you bought with another woman that you are keeping secret and not making public......

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    Long read ahead....
    When 2012 Topps came out I LOVED the inserts, but not the coins card. I scooped one of them up super cheap BIN, and when I got it in, I fell in love. I didnt want to drop the money to start chasing them all, since the only difference is one or two words on each card, but another one popped up with a cheap BIN and the serial numbers matched. I hit the BIN and said to myself, I'll only buy the last one if I can find 20/75.
    I found the last one TDs 20/75 in a bucket of someone I have dealt with multiple times. In his Long Gone folder. I contacted him, and luckily, he still had it.... so here it is!!!! My 20/75 match set!!!!

    Oh, I also got this card in.... /25... Boy do I wish this was a nice teal jersey in the card...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betts View Post
    Saw it. Not my cup of tea... I prefer cards myself. Thanks for asking though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marinocollector View Post
    Saw it. Not my cup of tea... I prefer cards myself. Thanks for asking though.
    Oh, I wasn't asking you to buy it, just thought you would appreciate it like I said being a Marino fan haha

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    Nice leaf limited those are super tuff to come by. My buddy has the whole set and there's a few #ed 15 and you never see them. Love the siloute too sharpe card
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