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    Anyone see the charges against kobe affecting BV

    does anyone think his cards will go down in value or if anything up cuz as some say any publicity is good publicity

    prob wont go down as he will probably be found innocent.hopefully

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    If he isnt convicted It won't hurt him, but seeing he could spend the next FOUR YEARS in jail....I'm afraid his cards would go down...

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    in the stock market, you buy when there's bad news affecting a good company

    and you sell when there's great news that takes the stock higher

    Same situation here....

    I believe there will be dealers wanting to get rid of their duplicates (after all, if you have 20 Kobe RCs, and there's a chance he could go to prison, why not sell 5 at any cost to recoup some money).

    as they say in the stock market: CASH IS KING.

    $100 in 1990 is $100 in 2003 (not counting deflation, inflation, etc0

    But if you didn't sell Griffey Jr. UD rookie for $100 in 1990, you sure as hell are not going to be able to sell it for $100 today or anytime soon.

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    after iverson got arrested, his cards dropped, despite the fact they started to sell for more...just another example of beckett trying to control the hobby...kobe might drop, as all they care about now is ming bibby and james

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    Doesn't matter to me...I still want his RC's, and now might be a good time to buy them, as podstock said.

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    Bdrr-- I am not Beckett was controlling the market.

    When players are in trouble, dealers with lots of duplicates sell a few to get cash. After all, if you hold on to all the cards and the player is gone, the cards are worth nothing.

    Look at Ruben Sierra -- in 1990, his 1987 Fleer RC were going for $15; he had stats (at that time, and for his age) worthy of the Hall

    Today, his RC is basically a common. Now, if you had 50 of his RCs and held on to all 50, they're not worth much today.

    But if you had 50, and sold 10 back in 1990, you'd at least have cash on hand, right?

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    I am hoping that the dealers at the upcoming shows I am going to are following that theory, man! It makes perfect sense to me...

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    I am going to a card show Sunday.

    I will soon find out just how much or how little a discount I can get on Kobe cards

    hoping to get some good bargains on boxes when I get there

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