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Thread: Top 50 Football Cards

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    Top 50 Football Cards

    There was a thread on the basketball forum on Becketts Top 50 Basketball cards of all time. I was wondering from all the SCF members here, what do you guys think are the Top 50 Football cards of all time? I'll make a list once we get 50 different cards. After the list is posted, please make any comments or maybe changes that you'd like and after, we'll make a final Top 50 Football Cards of all time list.

    Myself, i'll start if off with my favorite QB of all time and one of the best of all time too, the 1984 Topps #123 Dan Marino RC.
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    Not sure what constitutes the best cards. I'd guess we are talking about a mixture of value and how iconic the card is. These all would have to be on the list-

    1976 Topps walter Payton RC
    1984 Topps Elway RC
    1984 Topps Marino RC
    1981 Topps Montana RC
    1986 Topps Rice RC
    1991 Stadium Club Brett "Farve" RC
    1998 SPA Peyton Manning RC
    2000 SPA Tom Brady RC

    Its much easier to do this with all of the cards before the brand boom. I know more recent players like Tomlinson should have cards on here, but now the question becomes which one?

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    Nice thread! Here are a couple of my favorites:

    -1999 Donruss Elite Walter Payton/Barry Sanders Passing the Torch Dual Auto
    -1976 Topps Walter Payton RC
    -1998 Topps Stars Walter Payton Rookie Reprint Auto
    -2000 Contenders Tom Brady Rookie Auto
    -1965 Topps Joe Namath RC

    Those are just a few to start it off.


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    It seems like walter payton may be on the list more than a few times! lol

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    1989 Score Barry Sanders, and possibly the Aikman, Derrick Thomas or Deion Sanders from the same set.

    Great topic to discuss.

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    2006 SPA Jay Cutler RC/99
    1999 Pacific Kurt Warner RC
    1984 USFL Jim Kelly
    1984 USFL Reggie White
    1984 USFL Steve Young
    2001 SPA Vick RC
    1989 Score Barry Sanders RC
    1989 Score Troy Aikman RC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wudeverbro View Post
    1989 Score Barry Sanders, and possibly the Aikman, Derrick Thomas or Deion Sanders from the same set.

    Great topic to discuss.
    For sure, the sanders has to be on the list. Come on everyone more opinions!!

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    1998 SPA Randy Moss RC
    1999 Playoff Contenders Kurt Warner RC Auto
    1998 Playoff Contenders Peyton Manning Ticket Auto RC
    1977 Topps Steve Largent RC
    1978 Topps Earl Campbell RC

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    1994 SP Terrell Davis

    I don't know about you guys but for a while this card was all football collectors ever wanted. I remember when it used to be like $120! Back then that was like $500.

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