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    jordan auto game floor for trade

    looking to trade my jordan auto game floor and kobe ovation warmup autograph cards for high end baseball and football

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    My son would love the Ovation auto/warmup of Kobe.........LMK check out our site, I do have 3 gu not listed, Jerseys of Garnett, Iverson and McGrady if interested LMK I and I will list them.

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    hwo much u gonna sell for ur Kobe ovation auto/warm up?or maybe we can trade..let me know

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    01-02 Kobe Ovation Warm-up auto BV $250.00

    not sure what year/series the MJ auto floor is, so can't do a BV


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    NO THANKS!!!!!! I DID WANT IT BUT THANKS TO LECHUCK I DONT! thanks lechuck..guys...dont deal with him! he ripped lechuck of 200+$ in cards! + he got banned!
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