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    Your PC Showoff Thread - It's by the Letter

    This is a chance for everyone to show off their personal collection and have some fun. The rules of the game are post an image of one card from your personal collection. Then the next post must use either the first letter of the the previous players first or last name (the same player may be posted many times in a row) in the new player's first or last name. This will be a great chance to show off everyone's personal collection.

    THE CATCH! You may not post twice in a row, so you will need to rely on others to post to keep the thread going. If there is a 24 hour break with no input you may post again.

    The 4 Simple Rules

    1. Post a card with the First or Last name 1st Letter of one of the previous posts name.
    2. Must post a thumbnail scan, we want to see what ya got
    3. Must post name/brand/year
    4. Must not post 2 posts in a row unless no one else has posted in 24 hours.

    Feel free to comment on anyones or the groups cards.

    Thanks and lets have some fun and see some great cards!!!!

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    Kobe Bryant Panini Limited Jumbo Patch autograph

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    09-10 Panini Studio Skylines Jersey Kobe Bryant

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    Kobe Bryant Ultimate Collection Signatures

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    09-10 Panini Timeless Treasures Jersey Kobe Bryant

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    1999-00 Ionix Kobe Bryant auto

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    Kobe Bryant Exquisite Hot Box Patch Auto /24

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    10-11 Panini Prestige Stat Stars Kobe Bryant Jersey

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    03-04 Kobe Bryant UC dual patches

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