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    Anyone can help me to find these cards?

    this is my want list :

    ANY 02/03 SPX flashback auto jersey
    -Hakeem Olajuwon
    -SCottie Pippen
    -MAgic Johnson
    -Charles Barkley
    -John STockton
    -Clyde Drexler
    -Reggie Miller
    -David Robinson
    -Dominique wilkins
    -Isiah Thomas
    -Ben Wallace
    -Allen Iverson
    Auto Cards :
    -Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    -Jerry West
    -Jason Kidd
    -Kevin Garnett
    -Hakeem Olajuwon
    Basically Star players and semistar players auto..and also Old players auto(From Upperdeck century legends,UD retro,UD legends,Fleer Greats of teh game auto,etc)
    RC card :

    -89-90 Hoops David Robinson SP only!!
    -92/93 UD shaquille o'neal SP ONly!!
    -94-95 Finest Jason Kidd
    -95-96 Finest Kevin Garnett
    -96-97 Finest Allen Iverson
    -96-97 Finest Kobe Bryant
    -97-98 Topps Chrome Tim DUncan
    -97-98 SP authentic Tracy Mcgrady
    -97-98 SP authentic Tracy Mcgrady
    -00-01 Finest Darius Miles
    -00-01 Topps Chrome Darius Miles
    99-00 SPX auto rc(Shawn marion)
    00-01 SPX AUto/Jersey RC(D.Miles,K-mart,Turkoglu,q.Richardson,M.Miller,M.peterson)

    01-02 Spx Auto jersey RC(T.parker,R.Jefferson,T.murphy)

    02-03 SPX Auto Jersey RC(Boozer,Prince,Woods,Hilarion,Butler,Gooden,Wagn er)

    02/03 UD glass RC (Hilario,Wagner,Boozer,Ginobili,Butler,Gooden)

    Anyone have it?i might trade or buy it.THX
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  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    I have these inspirations (already redempted)
    Bostjan Nachbar
    Curtis Borchardt (x2)
    Frank Williams
    Chris Jefferies
    Sam Clancy
    Rasual Butler
    Tamar Slay
    Pat Burke

    LMK............Thanks Ray

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    i got a 0203 platinum portraits gu jersey of jason kidd

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    to scrwball : I mean the draft redemption for 03/04 in 02/03 box,anyway...i'm intrested with ur Frank Williams ..we still negotiating at just add this frank williams with Tayshaun prince inspiration.

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    how much for 0203 platinum portraits gu jersey of jason kidd u want to sell?or maybe trade ..check my site(haven't finish updating)

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    ive got the robinson hoops RC and a 01-02 UD 10th Power jersey BV $30 for trade

    ive got some other stuff, but im only trading it for garnett autos

    do you have any autos to trade?

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    UD Glass 02-03 Get Real Jersey Kevin Garnett ($25)
    -SPX 02-03 Winning Combos jersey Iverson/Kidd($20)

    ill do either for the would be better for the ai kidd one cause its same bv....lmk~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    I have the Jason Kidd Finest Rookie Card.

    I can sell it to you for $30 which includes the shipping price.

    If you are interested please let me know.
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    I have the 1989-90 Hoops David Robinson RC

    here is the scan -- corners razor sharp.

    PM me if you are interested in buying it


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