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    Jay Williams-#25 UD SS-gold- RC numbered to 250 to trade...

    Hi, Im looking to sell my Jay Williams-RC-186/250-gold--UD Supers.--nm/m.
    Starting at $10.

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    Quite a shame what happened to him...I really thought he would be a great pro guard...

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    i still think if he comes back hell be really stocking up on his cards cheap

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    bdrr --- Jay Williams showed absolutely NOTHING in his rookie year, except that he's a whiner when things get rough.

    So, now, he's got a broken ankle, broken knee, broken hip, severed nerves

    He'll be lucky to play 25+ minutes a night on a regular basis, much less be a superstar

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    I actually read that he might never play again, his injuries were pretty bad...

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    ill wait untill i know he is coming back to get his stuff

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